Value Proposition

What makes HCECC different from many programs is our decision to limit enrollment to small group size with more than adequate staff to ensure a satisfying experience for children and families. For shy or introverted children, it is sometimes a struggle to find a comfort level in a large group. Our staff understands child growth and development and makes a point to adapt their style of interaction to the specific needs of your child. So we are ready for the very active, as well as the very quiet child. We believe that “one size” fits no one! Come visit…see differences celebrated by a caring staff who will put your child right at ease!


Our mission at HCECC is to focus on education of the heart as well as education of the mind. By this we mean that at HCECC making friends and learning how to treat them is as important as making letters and knowing what sounds they make! It means we talk about caring for plants, animals and each other.  It means we take loving and living and laughing as seriously as we take learning! It is a delightful environment in which to play and learn. But don’t take our word for it…stop by! Ask the children how they enjoy their days at HCECC! You won’t be disappointed!


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