Value Proposition

What makes HCECC different from many programs is our decision to limit enrollment to small group size with more than adequate staff to ensure a satisfying experience for children and families. Our staff understands child growth and development and makes a point to adapt their style of interaction to the specific needs of your child. So we are ready for the very active, as well as the very quiet child. We believe that “one size” fits no one! 

Our faith based program emphasizes character development where caring about one another and our community is as important as learning how to read, write and count. We address the importance of being safe, kind and working together. We emphasize the role of imagination and nature in a thoughtfully prepared environment inside and out. The environment reflects our belief in a nature-based program as we celebrate learning that each season has to offer. 


The mission at HCECC is simply stated. "Education of the heart is as important as Education of the Mind. "

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