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Christine Telge


Three years ago, my husband and I began to research pre-schools for our “soon-to-be” 4-year old. HCECC was recommended by friends and family. We called and made a meeting and tour with Carol Garhart. During our time with her, we discussed how our son was a shy boy and this would be his first time away from home. Carol recommended we wait to enroll him until September, giving him more time to mature. I appreciated her suggestion and felt she was focused on what was best for my child while forgoing the tuition. She also recommended we ease him into the transition by visiting the school over the summer. In August 2009, we began our visits, every Friday. The first visit lasted one hour and he didn’t leave my side. On our second visit, the teachers had prepared a picture book of “New Friends.” By the end of August, he ventured out to the playground without looking back.


School started, and while he remained quiet and reserved, he loved going to school. He thrived in the HCECC environment, made friends and learned so much. The variety of play areas spurred his creative side in so many ways – from crafting to role-playing. Rather than risk a traumatic transition, we kept him at HCECC for Kindergarten. His second year, he surprised all.


He came out of his shell, becoming more vocal and participating much more willingly. He learned so much from Sister Yvette and her challenges. Even more importantly, the lessons taught by the teachers in regards to his character development were outstanding. Many a-night we lay in bed and talked of the lessons.

The variety of play areas are a great balance to the day. There is always something to see and do.

My son is now in 1st grade and the foundation built by HCECC has helped him achieve his goals. The transition was with no anxiety or stress. His teacher continues to reinforce the fact that he is so respectful and thoughtful. While I like to think this is solely due to parenting, I know better. I thank HCECC for helping us achieve this balance.


My second child is now at HCECC for pre-school. While he is a completely different child, he too loves the nurturing environment. I know he too is gaining the tools he will need to be a happy and successful person.




Christine Telge

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