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Loretta Brady 


The children in our family have experienced a variety of child care and school environments ranging from public pre-k, private religious pre-school, and in-home child care. By far our favorite experience has been with HCECC. With two children currently enrolled, and a third set to join in the fall, we are truly HCECC loyalists! We began with HCECC when our now 6-year-old was turning 4. We had circumstances that required us to enroll her just shy of her 4th birthday and Ms. Garhart was able to work with us to get the required state waiver to allow our daughter to enroll when it was right for her. We fell in love with the cozy, well-organized rooms, with the large outdoor and indoor space, and with the genuine concern the teachers have shown our children and our family. One telling sign that HCECC really cultivates curiosity and critical thinking skills is evident in the art the children produce. Rarely will one child’s creation look just like another child’s. This may seem like a small thing but as with everything at HCECC, this is no accident! There is a specific philosophy at hand to encourage children to problem solve and be creative.


When my son started and had different interests and needs than my daughter, he too fit right in, connected with the teachers, and now feels at home. In our time with HCECC, we have seen changes in teaching staff however the philosophy and commitment to cultivating curiosity in children and a true love of learning has been unwavering. We can’t wait to see our younger children experience the community that is HCECC.


Loretta Brady 
Ph.D. Professor 
Psychology, St Anselm College

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