Alex and Linda Saidel


As parents, we have to make many choices for our children and our decision to send our three daughters to HCECC was by far, one of the best.


The foundation of our children was a top priority for us and the early enrichment they received at HCECC went a long way toward setting that foundation. HCECC is a warm, nurturing, learning environment where children learn through their own individual creativity.

They are encouraged to learn through play, music, dance and more. One of the things that we appreciated the most about HCECC was that the children are taught to respect one another. This in turn creates a warm, loving environment where everyone feels safe, especially anxious moms and dads.


Holy Cross was also very flexible with their schedule. Our children were there for half-day periods but we were allowed to extend their stay if they wanted to or if we needed them to stay longer. We were always accommodated!


Our three girls left Holy Cross with the educational, social and emotional skills needed for elementary school. We would enthusiastically recommend HCECC to any parent who is looking for a safe, loving environment for their children to learn in.



Alex and Lisa Saidel

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