About Us

The Sisters of Holy Cross founded Holy Cross Kindergarten in 1959 to serve the children and families of greater Manchester. The goals of the program were to foster the children's physical growth, their religious and emotional development, their intellectual curiosity, healthy interpersonal relationships and social etiquette. The original group consisted of eight children who were five-year-olds, and the mission was to provide an outstanding education to those entering grade 1. 

As the needs of the community changed, the kindergarten became Holy Cross Early Childhood Center (HCECC). What was once an academic program only for kindergarteners is now a developmentally appropriate program for ages 3-7 years, focusing on the uniqueness of each child in his/her social, emotional, physical and cognitive growth. Today, it is open 50 weeks per year, from 7:00 am - 5:00 pm. HCECC is a NH Licensed Program, by the NH Child Care Licensing Unit. In addition, HCECC is a Licensed Plus Program by the NH Child Development Bureau and is one of ten schools in NH to be recognized as a Certified Nature Explore Classroom.


We are conveniently located right off of South Mammoth Road. We are just around the corner from Industrial Drive, Huse Road and Green Acres Elementary School.

We are proud of the staff at HCECC. We have worked together for several years. Low turnover and high levels of collegiality provide a happy place for children to grow and learn. Most staff have Bachelor or Associate degrees in Early-Childhood Education and are NH credentialed. Our staff’s years of experience prove helpful when families struggle with tricky parts of parenthood. 


Mrs. Nicholson WZID Teacher of the Month November 2021


Nomination from Kathleen Brunette:

"Mrs. Nicholson pours her heart into the kindergarteners at HCECC. She is endlessly creative and especially patient. Always mindful of her impact on the students and respectful in her interactions with these future grown ups. She has molded the littles to be accountable, kind, and creative. She deserves recognition for all her efforts and a thank you for the world she is helping to shape for all of us!!"